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Navrang Challenge 

Nila House

April 2020

Lifestyle Lessons is our submission to the Navrang challenge from Nila House that called for hand-crafted, educational posters that could help communicate health and safety measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in local communities.

I was inspired by vintage educational school posters – found across classrooms in India – that pictorially explained a subject using hand-illustrated panels with directives. The entire piece has been designed with only scrap fabrics and remnant textiles collected locally, in the hope that we may re-examine our ideas of ‘waste.’ For most panels, I hand-embroidered emblems with instructions that are universal to us in our fight against the pandemic, but for a few panels, I have portrayed abstracted precautions one may take that are symbolic in nature and best left to the mind’s imagination. The techniques used – patchwork, appliqué, hand-embroidery, kaantha stitching and quilting – are all historical processes that we must learn to celebrate and preserve.

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