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QuiltCon 2020

February 20th – 24th, 2020

Austin, Texas

United States of America

Our Apricot and Peach Quilts were selected to be displayed at this year’s edition of QuiltCon in Austin, Texas. Quiltcon is the world’s largest show for quilts and is presented by the Modern Quilt Guild, a premier organization that supports and encourages the art of modern quilting across the globe. 


The Apricot and Peach Quilts were designed to help rethink our ideas of ‘waste.’ Designed from surplus and pre-consumer waste fabrics discarded by retail workshops in Chennai, both quilts were attempts in generating minimal waste in the process. Using an improvisational method of patchwork that employed small and large bands of colour, both quilts were designed to reflect a design language that is contemporary, relevant and honest. The quilts are sandwiched with cotton and quilted with horizontal lines at 1/4th inch intervals, giving the textiles a unique ribbed effect. 


The Peach Quilt was awarded First Place in the Minimal Design category.

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