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Re-imagining Kanjivaram Sarees with Sarangi Store

We are happy to introduce a new capsule collection of home textiles in collaboration with Sarangi Store. The collection features a limited-edition range of cushion covers that seeks to preserve the hand-skill of kanjivaram sarees.

Kanjivaram sarees are traditional textiles from Tamil Nadu. They are laborious to weave, technically complex and require many hours of hand-skill. Sarangi Store's exquisite range of traditional, hand-woven sarees presented an excellent opportunity for us to re-imagine the jewel-like colours of the pattus or silks, as well as the traditional motifs that depict aspects of everyday life. 

The design was carefully thought through, employing patchwork as the technique to reinvent them. Patchwork is a non-intrusive method to preserving textiles, and it was the perfect technique to use to keep the weave of the kanjivaram fabrics intact. The design and production was done by our studio.

Shop the collection here:

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