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At Sunset Quilt

One piece available only.


There are always elements of surprise when employing the technique of improvisational design because colour, composition and message can either unfold gently or unravel in an instant. With this quilt, the colour palette emerged as I sewed each band to the other, as did the overall layout of the blocks, but the message came to me the moment I saw the piece in its entirety: a sky bursting with colour at sunset. 

This quilt is designed wholly from pre-consumer surplus fabrics and remnant textiles collected locally from design studios and export firms in Chennai, India. The fabrics used are cotton, silk and natural-fiber blends.


At Sunset Quilt

  • 68" W x 87" H

    Mixed Materials

  • Cushion cover only; fillers not included. Fillers may be bought online or in your local market.

    Colours may slightly vary from those shown in the images. Any slight pattern abnormality is a mark of craftsmanship and is not a defect.

    We recommend spot cleaning in general and dry cleaning if absolutely required. A simple sunning on a terrace or air-drying at home will do to preserve the textile. Do not wash and iron only on low heat.

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