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Mylapore By The Sea Quilt

One piece available only.

The Mylapore By The Sea Quilt is a one-of-a-kind piece, featuring a central checkerboard design surrounded by bold colours like magenta and sky blue. Mylapore is one of Chennai city's most iconic neighbourhoods: it's narrow lanes position its famous temples among tiny cloth shops and jewelry makers, and you can find almost anything your heart desires here. On a good day, the colourful sarees worn by women as they attend prayer are a sight to see, especially if they feature the traditional Madras check.  

This quilt begins with the red madras-check pattern in the center and radiates outward in bands of colour: sky blue, magenta, rose pink and peach. It is sandwiched with soft cotton batting, about an inch in thickness, and held together by our signature quilting linework. We have carefully hand-sewn the label onto the back of the quilt. It reverses to a wine-purple cotton back and is designed for a single twin-size bed. It is light-weight and can also be hung in a foyer or any living space as a central feature. 


Mylapore By The Sea Quilt

  • 69" W x 87.5" H

    Mixed Materials

  • Colours may slightly vary from those shown in the images. Any slight pattern abnormality is a mark of craftsmanship and is not a defect.

    Quilts should be frequently aired in the sun and spot cleaned. Store in airy muslin or cotton bags or flat on a bed if possible. Quilts must be dry-cleaned every six to eight months.

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