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Cloud-Tied Quilt

Cloud-Tied Quilt

  • Loosely inspired by the aesthetic of Central Asian 'abr-bandi' ikats, this quilt is a play between bands of blue and red. These traditional textiles – often referred to as 'Abr-bandi,' meaning to tie clouds or cloud bands – involve tying sets of warp and dyeing them in striking designs prior to weaving them into cloth. I was inspired by the bold shapes on these textiles, and this quilt is an interpretation of the play between two traditional colours of ikat.


    This quilt is designed wholly from pre-consumer surplus fabrics and remnant textiles collected locally from design studios and export firms in Chennai, India. The fabrics used are cotton, silk and natural-fiber blends.


    Hand-pieced / Long-arm quilted / Cotton and silk fabric; poly-wadding.


    Size: 29" W x 29" H (73.6 x 73.6 cms)


    Colours may slightly vary from those shown in the images. Any slight pattern abnormality is a mark of craftsmanship and is not a defect.

  • Each product is made by hand, using ethically sourced, pre-consumer textiles that are discarded by the local industry here in Chennai. We employ patchwork, appliqué, embroidery and machine- and hand-quilting techniques across our product range.

    We produce small-batch collections, which means that each design is carefully thought-through and only one piece exists in it (unless otherwise mentioned).

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